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ceramic rosehip as decoration for indoors or outdoors


ceramic rosehip for decoration in the garden or indoors: adding this bit of colour to your life! Glazed with different tones of orange; frost-proof; comes with copper-rod for display

Every single piece is hand-made and might differ from the picture seen here

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 6-8 × 6-8 × 10-15 cm

2 reviews for Rosehip

  1. IS

    I love Anja’s rose hips and poppy seed heads – they are fabulous for adding colour to greenery, especially in the winter when everything’s a bit brown and dull. I’ve had mine out for a number of years now and they look just as excellent as they did when I first got them. Especially wonderful for those who aren’t great at gardening!

  2. Nikki Hallam

    I have just received two beautiful rose hips. They are exquisite! The colours are fabulous. Anja has such incredible skill to capture the detail in each one. I will be collecting these for an indoor display; they are amazing just sitting on our coffee table as a decoration for now. I would totally recommend them!

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