About me

Inspired by Nature: Made in Clay

Portrait of a Potter who is inspired by nature
Photograph by Sarah Weal

I am inspired by nature every day.

So much so that I want to transform art in nature into art for the garden
From very early on in my life I loved plants. Especially the architectural appearance of flower heads and seed pods.
Over 30 years ago I started pottery as a hobby.
This hobby has turned into a full-time profession about 10 years ago.
Most of my work is decorative ceramics. Ideal for display in the garden, on a balcony or on a patio or indoors.

I start with throwing the pieces on the potters wheel; subsequently clay is added, cut out and sculpted until the final shape has been achieved.
In my work the characteristics of an instantly recognisable shape are often emphasized. As an example: the crowns of my poppy seed heads are larger than in nature. And they are even more pronounced by engraved patterns and the vibrant colour of glass-frits in the middle. They become almost a stand-alone piece of art!
All work is fired to stoneware temperatures. Therefore the decorative pieces are frost-proof and suitable for outdoors all year round.

I love making my own glazes. The experimenting never really stops! I want he colours of my work to reflect the brilliant colours in nature. And through the change of the seasons.

I want to let the glazes tell a story inspired by nature, travel, landscape and environment. This is my way of painting with minerals and fire.
I am an active member of the Anglian Potters  and also exhibit regularly in the member-operated galleries Eagle Gallery in Bedford and Wynd Gallery  in Letchworth; I also try and show my work at several craft shows during the year; do check my events page for up-to-date information on shows and exhibitions