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Allium: making of a ceramic version

A ceramic allium is a reminder of summer and gives this lovely purple colour all year round; in this post I describe how the post-firing processing is done

Firing and post-firing processing of a ceramic allium

For glaze firing each Allium is supported in the kiln. The ceramic support is used only once, because the clay shrinks the same amount as the piece of work.

I am using a hammer and with a tap on the support it will be released it from the allium.

allium on ceramic support

We then fill the allium with builders-foam because the Allium would otherwise rattle around on the metal support . I tightly wrap them into cling-film and then put a straw into the stem to let the air out.  I fill them with expanding builders-foam. 

Sometimes I make a clay column to go inside a flowerhead, which fulfils the same purpose. 

allium filled with foam

I am cutting off the excess foam after it has hardened and then drill a hole for the metal support. The metal supports of the Alliums is made of stainless steel. I have either individual spikes or we mount a group on a wooden base for multiple flower-heads.

The next image shows of a group of alliums with various lengths of metal support. These are arranged in a wooden base and they showing off their lovely colours against the green in the border

allium: a group of ceramic seedheads

These Alliums are frost proof and give colour in your borders all year round! And you can buy them here: shop

If you want to see some videos of me making alliums and other ceramic pieces follow me on Instagram

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