large slab built Vase


rectangular, slab built vase; textured stoneware, decorated with slips, engobe, ceramic ink and ceramic wax crayons; decorating techniques: textured clay, brushed on engobes and slips; drawing with ceramic pencil; mono-printing with paper, cardboard, textile and bubble wrap

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Large (21x18x4cm) rectangular slab-built vase with irregular sides, cut-outs and added pieces of clay. Decorated with matt and glossy white and green glazes and vitreous slips and hints of orange, yellow and red ceramic inks. The durable stoneware clay is decorated with deep textures made by impressing various tools as well as carving. Using the sgraffito-technique underlying coloured layers have partly been revealed and offer glimpses of contrasting colour. Coloured engobes and glazes were applied with mono-printing techniques, using newsprint, bubble-wrap or textiles as well as brushing. Ceramic pencils were used to apply sharp, detailed lines. The resulting piece is an elegant, contemporary statement piece. Ideal for use in flower-arrangements and Ikebana. Decorative as stand-alone piece on a mantlepiece, sideboard or table. Flowers from spring to autumn as well as dried flowers through the winter look stunning in this vase. This unique piece was made with love, expert use of decorating techniques and attention to detail. It is a special piece to complete any interior decoration.

Each slab built vase is unique, there will be no other one like this (therefore stock of 1)!

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Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 18 × 4 × 21 cm
small slab built Vase

Vase, Stoneware, Ceramics, Decorative, Unique, Engobe, Texture


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