Making of an Allium

For glaze firing each Allium needs to have a support in the kiln. It is a one-time use, because the support needs to shrink the same amount as the piece of work.

alliums in support

To avoid the Alliums from rattling around on the metal support they are filled with builders-foam. To do that each of them is tightly wrapped into cling-film, a straw is being put into the “stem” (so the air can get out) and it is then filled with expanding builders-foam.

foamy alliums

After hardening the excess foam is cut off and a hole is drilled. The stem of the Alliums is made of stainless steel, which is either an individual spike or can be mounted on a wooden base for multiple flower-heads.

alliums barry scaled

These Alliums are frostproof and give colour in your borders all year round!

Landscape Vases

I reckon I was never a great painter. Nevertheless I feel the urge to “paint” with my glazes. I developed glazes for almost every colour and when I see a pretty landscape with fabulous colours I want to start “painting”. On the other hand “just” a wall-panel seems to me a bit boring. I had the idea of Landscape-Vases. They are both beautiful andLandscape Vaserear of landscape Vase

functional. The front is “painted” with texture and glaze and the back is functional with 3 mini-vases. And supporting feet as the weight of the flowers/water might make them instable. I also like to play a bit with my pots. The fish, the cloud and the sailing boat are dangling in the front of the Landscape. Makes a nice noise when moved!